Style Sunday: How To Shop Big Sale Days

Today's Style Sunday is in honor of Black Friday just having past and how I approach big sales like this!

I first want to say that even though I am going to discuss what I bought as well as how I approach sales, please always know that you do NOT have to buy on big sale days. I know that might sound odd coming from me since I am a blogger but here is the deal; I am not going to encourage people to spend money they do not have. I post about things I love for folks who were already looking to spend, not to try to force people into buying things. I don't have disposable income like that and most people I know don't. You don't need to keep up with anyone; no influencer, no blogger, no one. Don't let anyone make you feel otherwise!

And with that, here are a few things I keep in mind for these big sales:

  • Go in stores that you normally wouldn't go in: This is a big one for me. When I know the sales are going to be great, I try out a few stores that I normally wouldn't and I tend to find some real gems. I am not a GAP shopper at all normally and I found an amazing scarf in my favorite shade of purple that I know I will wear constantly for 60% off. I also found a cardigan that I absolutely love at Aerie for 70% off!
  • Look for your own personal classics to invest in: I know this is the opposite advice a lot of folks give because it sounds like it makes sense to try out trendy things when they are on sale, right? Hear me out on this, though! I take sales like this to really stock on the things that I know and love. It is so tempting to overspend when you are trying to spend on trendy things that you ultimately might not end up loving. I will personally get maybe 1-2 trendy things to try.
  • Do your research before hand: I always like to start to look a week or so before big sales because a lot of retailers will put out the information online or through e-mail. That will tell me if it's worth it for me to go in store for any doorbusters or deals that I truly just can't pass up.
  • Wait until Cyber Monday: Honestly, a lot of retailers have better deals on Cyber Monday because so many people shop online now!
  • Try to not impulse buy: I know when there are a million sales going on it is hard to not buy ten pairs of $10 jeans, but just because it is a deal doesn't mean you need it, friend. I know that's hard to hear, but it's true. 😉
  • Go through your closet first: Before big sales, I always do a good inventory of my closet to I can actually see what I need and what I want, which we all know can be two totally different things. It is also a great time to go through and see what no longer serves you and could be donated. I go through my closet 1-2 times a month and always when I think I can't possibly have anything else to get rid of, I find a random shirt I haven't worn in like three years that was hiding.

Now here are some of the things I purchased this weekend!



Forever 21:

That is what I got that I am able to tag online! As you can see I also picked up a great sweater for Sean and some sleepers for the littles. 🙂

How about y'all? How to you approach big sales? Did you pick up anything awesome? Let me know in the comments!

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