About Erica

I am a 37 year old Black woman who is currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband Sean, our three kids (Nate is thirteen, Ezra is two, and Micah is one), and our four cats (all named after Harry Potter characters; Sirius Gray, Lupin, Cedric, and Weasley). I worked for a large non-profit for over a decade before I 'retired' in 2017 when I became pregnant with Micah and we decided as a family to give me staying home with the little ones a go. I gave myself a year to really focus fully on my family and to figure out my next move. I have always had a passion for writing (I was a journalism major in college) and have blogged on and off for years. I decided now was the time to get serious, and I launched Mama in Colour on December 30, 2018.

I am desperately fond of breakfast food (the true way to my heart is pancakes), Cafe Bustelo coffee, taking day trips to Asheville, NC, and as many naps as I can possibly get in. My sweet husband is truly my best friend, as cliche as that may sound to some and I love doing life with him. Having children with either huge age gaps or tiny ones is one of the biggest surprises of my life and is often challenging, but always worth it. If I could go shopping with anyone it would be Nicole Richie. My style is a little bit boho, a bit minimalist, and I love pattern mixing. I'll never quit rose gold no matter how trendy it gets, and I will never wear contacts.

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