About Mama in Colour

In a lot of ways, I have been working towards Mama in Colour for nearly half my life. In the early stages of my having internet as a teen, I always had online blogs and journals, but they inevitably never went on for more than a few months because I would feel stuck. I always would feel like I had to stick to just one thing; I had to either talk abut food, or fashion, or beauty, or later motherhood. I didn't see a way for me to talk about all of those things at once.

After spending a year strictly being a SAHM, I realized quickly that the issue was that I wanted to write about it ALL. I wanted to write about being a mom in my late 30's to an almost teen, a toddler, and an infant. I wanted to write about my personal style and my love of fashion. I wanted to write about my newer love of make-up and beauty products. I wanted to write about my life and everything that it brings, the good, the bad, the humorous. I wanted to write the kind of blog that I wanted to read; the sort of blog that would let others know that it is totally okay to have a bunch of different interests and that you can be a primary caregiver for your children and still have a deep love for other things in your life. That is okay to accept yourself and your life for exactly what it is; when it is great and when it is messy and when it is everything in between.

I strive to make this blog similar to what hanging out with me offline is like. We are going to laugh, we are going to sometimes cry, we are going to talk about all the fashion, about being as frazzled by our kids sometimes as much as we love them, and we will always do it with a warm beverage in hand and a whole lot of courage. <3

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