An Overalls Body

Yesterday I was walking around Target with the littles picking up some things, and since they were in a super good mood I decided to go ahead and try on a few items that I have had my eye on. You really have to hit it just right when you have small children! I picked out a few things and on the way to the dressing room I saw these overalls by Universal Thread, one of Target's newer lines. I chuckled to myself and decided for a laugh I would try them on, assuming I'd look completely silly and that maybe I could make the babies laugh.

But then I put them on.


I freaking loved them.

They are amazing and so comfortable. The material is thick without being too heavy for the warmer months. They have just the right amount of stretch. Dare I say I I really was feeling like I was going to read dowdy farmer in them but as it turns out I felt so good and super cute. I was blown away, to be honest. I always thought overalls were really cute, but I admittedly was holding onto the notion that my body wasn't 'right' for them. Even the most confident and sure of ourselves have those moments where we give into the standards that are placed upon us. My love and care of what my body looks like is at an all time high, but I still thought that maybe I would look ridiculous. I was so wrong.

I didn't buy them yesterday but after talking to a lot of people and being urged by my husband, I went back for them today. I paired them with a cute striped boat neck tee, rose gold flats, and my hair in some puffs with a headband. I put on my biggest hoops and some deep pink lipstick and I felt amazing.

My body is an overalls body. Every body is an overalls body, a bikini body, a dress body, a shorts body, a body that is worthy of clothing that fits well and makes you happy. Even though I am considered plus size at a 16-18, I know with that still comes privilege. I know I am considered 'acceptable fat'. I swallow that and accept that even though I often have a harder time finding clothes I love, there are many others that do not have that luxury at all. We need to do better. We need to advocate for better. We need to sit down and listen to our fat siblings who deserve to be heard, to be seen, to have easier access to clothing they love.

We need to do the work.

I might just be one person but I will continue and keep doing my part.

I'm glad that my doubt didn't take over and that I took a chance on something I might not have otherwise worn.

I want that for everyone else, too.

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