Beyond a Bubble Bath: Rethinking Self-Care

There is a lot of talk these days about self-care, especially if you are a parent, most especially if you are a stay at home one. Generally when I see articles and discussion about it, there is a lot of talk about getting your nails done, about grabbing a coffee, about kicking back with a bubble bath.

Those things are amazing, but that isn’t the kind of self-care this blog is going to be about.

It might be less glamorous and less fun to talk about, but I think some light needs to be brought on legitimate caring for your body, your mind, and your spirit when we talk about self-care.

There are so many fundamental things that a stay at home parent sometimes just lets slip through the cracks. Like have you drank any water today? Have you eaten anything? It is so easy to get caught up in the business of taking care of your children (trust me, I do it too!) that seemingly regular old things just don’t happen, or happen as an afterthought. I know on the days where I actually drink enough water and take the time to eat some food, I feel more clear and ready to take on my day. Also taking any kind of daily medications that you need, taking your vitamins, things of that nature.

It can go even deeper than that, though. Self-care can also be related to your mental health and being able to take charge of that. Like looking into seeing a therapist (I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from therapy at some point in their life) or possibly taking medication to help with your moods (that will be another blog but I am not going to be that person that is going to shame or wag my finger at taking medication for mental illness; Lexapro is one of the reasons I am still alive). Being proactive about your mental health is one of the most caring things that you can do for yourself.

Self-care can also come in the form of who you choose to let in your life and who you choose to say goodbye to. That can be anything from a relationship that isn’t working anymore to a friendship that needs to be re-evaluated. Not everyone is always meant to keep on your path with you. It is not easy to walk away from people but if your well-being is at stake? The absolute best thing that you can do for yourself is to dissolve it.

As someone that is a parent, those are the real fundamental lessons about self-care that I want to teach my children. A bubble bath is pretty great and IS a legit form of self-care, but we also sometimes need to dig a little deeper and look beyond the tangible things. We can enjoy those rad bath bombs and glossy nails even more with a clear mind, a clear heart, and a full belly.

P.S. Get yourself some water if you have read this far; hydration is key! And I care about you; yes, you. <3

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