How Grief and Anger Co-Exist

Tomorrow is August 17th. Eight years ago tomorrow, my aunt who raised me in the place of my parents (my father has never been in my life and my mother, her sister, died when I was nine; they are another story for another time) died. She was 67. I wasRead more >

An Ode On Father’s Day

I was a single mother for over three years when I met Sean. In the time since my divorce I had dated, and even one or two of those relationships had been serious, but above any relationship I would have with someone was the relationship that I had with myRead more >

Don’t Touch My Hair

My husband Sean & I, June 2020 If I had to say one feature of both Sean’s and mine that gets commented on the most, it would be our hair. He generally has his worn in a ‘fro of various lengths and while I wear my natural hair straight (franklyRead more >

Nate The Great

My oldest son Nate is one of the great loves of my life. He and I have been through so much together; his father and I divorcing when he was three, the sudden death of my aunt who raised me (who we lived with) when he was six, and aRead more >

So Now What: Where Do I Go From Here?

The last week has fundamentally changed me in ways that I am just coming to terms with and that I know I am still going to be unpacking and trying to understand for a long time to come. If you know me in my personal life, I am someone whoRead more >

What It Means to be a Black Mama

It is the day before my middle child Ezra’s birthday. He will be three years old. I spent part of my evening sobbing in a Target parking lot while I ran out to get batteries. I wasn’t crying because my child is growing up and I want to keep himRead more >

Not a Wine Mom: Being Sober By Choice

It often feels like there are two different camps of folks; either you are a ‘wine mom’ who loves kicking back with a glass or two or you are someone with addiction issues (which let me stop and say this; addicts need love and compassion, not judgement) who completely hasRead more >

Toxic Positivity During a Pandemic

It is March 27, 2020 as I write this. As is very apparent to everyone, there is a global pandemic with COVID-19 and its center. I am someone who resides in the United States and in just a couple of short weeks, things have rapidly changed. There are mandatory ‘stayRead more >

Raising Toddlers: Having Grace With Us All

Raising a toddler can often be a wild ride but raising two at the same time? It’s double the love but also often double the chaos. I’m super open about the fact that we really didn’t plan on having another child after Ezra; we tried so hard and for soRead more >

My Word For 2020

Happy New Year, loves!  There are so many ways that folks go about the new year; resolutions, goals, or nothing at all. All are valid and there is no real right or wrong way to go into a new year. It truly just depends on you and how you wantRead more >