Day Out With PinkBlush!

Today turned out to be an unexpectedly beautiful day in Charlotte. I’d already planned to take my oldest out to buy some books (he found a forgotten gift card he wanted to use) but we also decided to go to the South End neighborhood to see the Confetti Hearts Wallthat was painted by Evelyn Henson and get a Jeni’s Spendid Ice Cream treat. This time is so important for us; spending that one on one time with each of my children is so vital for all of them to feel that individual attention and love. The littles are still a bit young to totally get it but their older brother looks forward to it so much. I am so happy that we have the kind of relationship where we can be super open with each other and just talk about anything and everything. I’m hoping we can continue that as he becomes a teenager and then an adult and he always feels like I am a safe place.

As a busy mom of three, one of the most important things for me is comfort with my clothes but I also want to be stylish as well. Adding the element of being plus size, it makes me even happier when I find clothing that fits beautifully and is my personal style. PinkBlush was my go-to while I was pregnant with the two littles because they are one of the few brands that carries plus size maternity clothes! That was enough to endear me to them and their affordable and chic clothing sealed the deal. I am still able to wear so much of what I bought because it transitions to post-partum wonderfully and they also have amazing non-maternity clothing as well that I love now that I am no longer pregnant.

That’s why I was super excited when PinkBlush asked me if they could send me a piece and today was the perfect day to wear the Black Floral Short Sleeve Plus Maxi Dress that I received! Nate is truly the best photographer in the family so of course we took a few minutes to snap some photos.

The fabric is so soft and light, and the cut is super flattering. I am always a fan of a dark floral print so this is perfect for my aesthetic. It is such a good dress to easily transition into spring! I paired it with my favorite rose gold gladiator sandals, big earrings, a half updo with a coordinating pink headband, and a classic black leather bag. This would be super cute with a jean jacket to make it even more casual or wedges and a statement necklace to dress it up. Another great look would be to knot it at the bottom to give it a different, asymmetrical vibe. It’s so versatile that the sky is the limit! Also I can’t forget to mention it has pockets because who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?

Thank you again for sponsoring this blog post, PinkBlush! This beautiful dress made my day out with my kiddo even more fun! For sure check them out, y’all, you will not be disappointed. <3 My go to sections are plus size and dresses.

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