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There is something so fun to me about the beginning of a new season and getting your wardrobe ready for something different. Fall is especially lovely for me because I absolutely love cooler weather (everyone knows that I loathe hot weather) and I am so into wearing sweaters and fun coats and boots.

One thing that I have been often asked about is blogging about capsule wardrobes. For me a capsule wardrobe are those really amazing staple pieces that you can build a multitude of different outfits with and really are the foundation of your closet.

I decided to put together a mini capsule wardrobe for fall (it's sixteen pieces total) from some of my favorite 'classics' from my closet. I am going to give you eight different looks with the pieces and I hope it sparks some creativity about how you can incorporate your personal style into a capsule wardrobe and make it your own kind of chic!

I will also be tagging my items as well as several others that I love that would also go with my personal capsule wardrobe. As always, I get a (small) commission if you purchase anything using my links, so I want to be transparent about that. <3

How I Choose a Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Stick to only a few colors: I did black and white pieces and that is what I decided to build my capsule around. That makes it really easy to mix and match. You can always use your accessories (like shoes, purses, scarves, jewelry) to give yourself extra pops of color.
  • Pick items that are classics for YOUR style, not trends: When it comes to my clothing, I really don't tend to branch out a ton with pieces like jeans, dresses, and jackets. I know what cuts and colors look the best on me. Again, look more towards accessories to have some fun with new trends. I love the idea of experimenting with fashion, but always think about pieces that you are still going to love in a few years. I feel like classics are what is classic for your own personal taste; that can really look different for everyone. Don't get too caught up in what is trendy, either! If you aren't into headbands and mom jeans (two super popular things), then don't try to force yourself into things you don't love.
  • Shop your closet at the beginning of the season: It is a great time to look at items from last season and see what you still love and what is catching your eye. It can help you clear out things you aren't interested in, and give new life to items you want to want to jazz up.

Items in My Capsule Wardrobe:


  • Classic black moto jacket
  • Long black light coat (or long black cardigan)


  • Black and white print midi skirt
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Black cotton wide legged pants
  • Black high-waisted shorts


  • Black sleeveless turtleneck sweater
  • Black long sleeves bodysuit
  • Black and white print button down shirt


  • Black combat boots
  • Leopard print loafers
  • Red flats
  • Gray sneakers


  • Black hat
  • Black and white print scarf
  • Classic black bag

Shop My Picks:

Outfit 1:

This first combination is actually what I wore to my oldest sons open house for school last week, sans the moto jacket! I feel like this is such a comfortable and classic look, and depending on your jewelry it could really be dressed up. For fall I like wearing a lot of light breathable fabric, like these cotton jersey pants and sleeveless cotton turtleneck. It is great for layering, which is key for transitional months.  This would also be a great look for work as well. I added a classic black bag and it is a bag that would go with all of the outfits! Those leopard print loafers are something that I am seeing everywhere right now; this pair was only $15 from Walmart and are honestly one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I have bought in a long time.

Outfit 2:

It might seem odd to include a pair of shorts in a fall capsule wardrobe post, but let's be real; for a lot of us we aren't able to jump right into cozy sweaters and coats as soon as September hits! I live in North Carolina and it will be well into the 80's until October for a lot of the month. I bought these high-waisted black paper bag shorts that were so 'in' this year on SHEIN for like $10. I didn't want to spend a lot if I didn't like them and turns out that I ADORE them. Adding a button down, some big boots, and a hat takes them right into fall on those days where it is still warm but it isn't boiling hot anymore. When it gets too cold for bare legs, a cute pair of tights with the shorts is also such a good look! It is a little twist on wearing a skirt but gives a bit of a different vibe.

Outfit 3:

This outfit admittedly is a little out of my comfort zone; I have really just started feeling comfortable wearing things tucked into pants, and this is a bodysuit tucked into pants even! I think the thing to remember is that even if you are super body positive, it's okay to feel some kind of way about wearing a certain thing or style. My advice is try to do the thing anyway! I went for it, and it ended up looking and feeling so good. A light scarf is a great way to add some dimension to an outfit, and I love how sneakers look with the wide legged pants. This is a perfect outfit if you are going to be running errands and chasing after kiddos all day (something I do all the time) but still want to feel put together. Also if you nurse your kids and aren't comfortable without a cover, the scarf is an instant and chic cover for you!

Outfit 4:

I absolutely LOVE a midi skirt! I feel as though the length is super flattering for my frame and height (I am 5'8" for the record), and they can easily transition into cooler months if you wear them right. A body suit is a great option with a skirt because it really keeps the lines fluid and it stays tucked in. Like I said before, using your accessories for a pop of color is a cool way to accent neutral colors, so I paired this outfit with a great pair of red flats. Again, I put my hat with it because I truly cannot resist a hat moment. I have been wearing hats since I was in elementary school! I think a lot of folks feel like they can't wear hats, but I think it is all about trying them on and seeing what shape works for you, as well as the size! Yes, hats DO come in sizes, so watch for that!

Outfit 5:

This is a look that had me thinking a little bit outside the box; this jacket is actually a coat dress from Eloquii that I bought on ThredUP, the online thrift store. I knew that I wouldn't wear it as a dress but that it would make a fantastic light coat! I love it so much, and the pearl buttons on it really make it a special and unique piece. I have it over the black and white button down, black skinny jeans, and with the red flats. I like having the button down all the way buttoned for a little bit more polished look. I am pretty busty (I'm a 42DDD), but with the right sizing I can wear a good button down for sure. One thing that I think is really important to remember is to not get attached to whatever 'size' you wear. Sizing can be so drastically different across brands anyhow, and it is really more about how your clothes fit and make you feel as opposed to a number.

Outfit 6:

This is another outfit that was a little out of my comfort zone (ohhh those tucked in shirts!) but I love how it turned out. I just did a front tuck to define my waist a little bit, and I kept the shirt unbuttoned for a little more of a rock and roll vibe. With my moto jacket and combat boots, I feel like this is a look that could be special enough for a date night, but still comfortable and easy enough for brunch.

Outfit 7:


Sneakers and dresses/skirts are absolutely one of my favorites! For me, my comfort zone is dresses and skirts, and adding a great pair of sneakers can really make it feel a little more casual and add to the comfort factor. If you aren't someone who wears a lot of dresses or skirts, adding elements like sneakers could help make it a little bit more you if you generally are more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of person. This also would be super cute with a belt at the waist as well or you could also tuck the sleeveless turtleneck into the skirt.

Outfit 8:

I decided to save my favorite outfit for last! This hits on so many things that I love, most especially mixing patterns! I know a lot of folks can feel intimidated by pattern mixing but it can be so easy and wearable if you make sure your patterns have the same color story. By sticking to black and white, I can have fun with the two different patterns, but I feel like they still mesh well together because the color story is the same. This outfit really illustrates the kind of person that I wanted to be as a teenager; I feel like I walked out of an 80's movie, but with an updated and modern take. The longer skirt and the coat might feel like it could be overwhelming but with the structured shirt and boots, it ties it all together,

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  1. YESSSS, for all the black!! A cohesive color scheme is so critical for a functioning capsule wardrobe. It’s refreshing to see someone not dressing in white or blush. Although lovely colors, I’m too messy for that life ✌️

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