I have never been someone that has made New Years resolutions. Any time that I have tried I would have great intentions for a couple of weeks or maybe a month, and then I would fall off from it. I would always feel really guilty about it, and I realized as I got older that I do not HAVE to make resolutions to be able to achieve my goals. Goals and dreams can happen whenever and however you want, as long as you put in the work.

I have talked to a lot of friends this year, though, and many of them are choosing a word for their year and that is something that gave me pause. I love the idea of picking a word as the theme for my year because it can encompass so many different things and I like how it just feels like less pressure.

I gave it a lot of thought, and my word for 2019 isĀ growth.

There are so many ways in which I want to grow in 2019. I want to grow as a mother; 2018 made me a mother of three which is admittedly something that I never imagined for myself (for a long time I had fertility issues and it seemed like I was destined to be a mother of one). I am parenting a child that will become a teenager in 2019 (!) and two very little ones. I want to be present and patient and realistic that at times my patience will be thin and that is okay too. I want to grow as a spouse; my husband and I will have been together for seven years and married for five in 2019. We are a great team and our love for each other has remained so bright. I want to be able to take more time for us once we are out of the infant stage with our youngest. I want to grow as a friend; having back to back pregnancies and babies has really made it hard to be able to connect in real time with folks and I want to be able to get back to that more. I have the best and most understanding friends in the world, but I want to be able to nurture and cultivate those friendships even more.

Also, I just want to grow as a human and a person for my own self; 2019 is truly going to be the year that I go after so many of my personal goals. I feel like it was fate for me to start this blog right at the end of 2018. I am feeling so energized and excited about where I am able to take this and where my writing will go. I will be entering my 38th year of life in 2019 and I feel like I am in such a beautiful place with knowing who I am and what I am about. I'm ready to move forward and keep growing.

I hope you all will enjoy this journey with me. May 2019 be a special year.


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