Master Bedroom Redecoration on a (tight) Budget!

This has been a blog that I have been wanting to write for a couple of months now and I am so excited to finally get it published! When 2019 hit, Sean and I decided that we really wanted to redo our master bedroom. Like a lot of folks, our master bedroom was the most 'undone' room in the house. We spend more time in other areas so we weren't too concerned with having it done up. We decided that we wanted it to be a super comfy spot for us and to be more of a grown up oasis than just somewhere that's only function. Also like a lot of folks, we didn't have a ton of money to put into the items that we would be buying, plus we rent our home so that really makes what changes we can make a bit different as well.

The first thing that we picked out was a new mattress. Can you believe that our old mattress was over eight years old? I had it before Sean and I even met! It also was pretty uncomfortable unfortunately, so we desperately needed something different. I found a great memory foam mattress on Amazon for an amazing price (under $200 for a queen!). It has been the best purchase that we have made for our comfort and we both sleep so soundly now without the aches and pains that plagued us both.

When we were thinking about the color palate that we wanted to go with, we immediately went with black, white, and gray. We really felt like we would be able to easily piece together everything with sticking to an easy few colors, plus when you are buying less expensive items, they really can look like they cost way more than they did when you stick to the basics. We loved the way the comforter set looks; it has a print but it also keeps in with the color scheme. We have several sheets sets that we rotate, but they also employ subtle pattern mixing as well.

Our old bed was black iron, and while it was nice, it wasn't exactly the most comfortable for laying back in bed. We knew we wanted an upholstered headboard, and we fell in love with this gray one. It is super well made and perfect for leaning back in bed with a book.

I love these simple nightstands and lamps that we found at IKEA! We spent well under $100 for both stands and lamps, which is an amazing deal. I'll be real with y'all; we both felt like we were really adulting with matching nightstands and lamps, ha!

The artwork hanging above our bed was a two pack from IKEA and I love the feeling that they give. They are hanging a little higher than I normally would hang art, but you know...we DO have two small kids that are always in our bed! The large Paris photo on the wall between the windows belonged to my aunt who raised me that passed away seven years ago. It hung in her house, and it just felt like it went perfectly in the room.

The window treatments that we chose I feel like bring just the right amount of drama, and such a gentle pop of color. The sheers are really long, so we hung them all the way at the top of the ceiling. It makes the room look so open and they bring in the most beautiful rosy light. I love waking up in the morning and seeing the sun filter through. Our room is at the back of our house and our yard backs up to a wonderful wooded area. We always leave the blinds up since we don't really have to worry about privacy. When you rent and don't want to worry about taking down blinds, this is a great way to put up window treatments without having to take down existing blinds that came with your house.

This reading nook is one of my favorite things about the room! The chair was a great sale find from Urban Outfitters, and the side table was $10 from IKEA. The pale pink throw is also from IKEA and it is another nice soft pop of color. I hung up my two favorite hats (I saw other folks do a hat wall and I really liked the concept) and then the deer artwork has been downstairs, but it just worked so perfectly in our room that we gave it a permanent spot. Both Sean and I have work that we do remotely, so this is a perfect place to take a laptop and get some work done.

We loved the modern and clean look of this white eight drawer dresser that we found online at Walmart. It helps clear up some space in our closet, and I also like having a place to keep my jewelry. I got all of my jewelry organizers off of Amazon and I also love having it set out on the top of the dresser. The art above it goes so well with our theme in the room. I thought a lot about putting a mirror above the dresser, but ultimately decided that I'd rather have the art there. Plus I have my large floor length mirror next to the dresser, so it just felt like mirror overkill to have another one.

That is the tour! We are so proud with how everything came together and what we were able to do on our budget. It has become such a place of comfort and relaxation for us. Below I am going to tag a lot of the items that we bought, as well as some similar ones. I can't do widgets for IKEA, so I put links for items from there that are still available. As always, if you get anything through my LikeToKnowIt links I get a (small) commission, but I don't through IKEA. I always want to be transparent about that sort of thing.

Hope you all enjoyed seeing the fruits of our labor! <3 Maybe it will give you some ideas of your own.

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