Non-Traditional Christmas Decor

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Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas is usually not a huge thing for me; it just has never been ‘my’ holiday. I would decorate and all (always after Thanksgiving) and celebrate but I never really felt like all the red and green was ME. Also, I am someone that who’s family is pretty much the people in my house; I don’t have parents that are alive or a ton of aunts, uncles, and cousins. I don’t even have siblings. Usually that isn’t something that bothers me because I am content with my husband, children, and friends that are my family, but I’m human and the holidays tends to get me a little melancholy.

This year, the spirit kind of took over pretty soon after Halloween (which IS my favorite holiday) and I came to a big realization; the magic of the season can be what I want to make of it; I don’t have to try to fit myself into a mold that isn’t me. I really can focus on the family that I have created and that brings me so much joy rather than thinking about the family I don’t have any longer. I can choose to do the holiday season my way and on my own terms.

I decided I wanted the color scheme to be white, gold, silver, and rose/rose gold. My family was totally on board and told me to go for my vision. I am thankful that I have the sort of folks in my life that also are just as non-traditional as I am and loved my ideas! They trusted me to just rock it out.


We already had a black Christmas tree from last year (I told y’all we aren’t traditional folks; we got our 6'5" foot pre-lit tree from Walmart and they are selling it again this year) and I decided that putting our old silver tree up would be a cool idea as well. It is a pre-lit 7" tree that I have had for over ten years! It was originally from Target; here is a similar one.

I knew that I didn't want to go with traditional balls or anything like that, so I decided to do a fun mix of flowers, various glittery sprigs, and whatever else struck my fancy from the craft/floral departments at Walmart and Michael's. I found really neat stuff like gold glittery eucalyptus and these pretty berry-like sprigs in gold, white, and bronze-y rose. The flowers are white roses, lilies that are dusted with gold glitter, and several gorgeous deep rose peonies. With sales everything was between $1-3.50, which was so awesome! I decided to wrap each tree in ribbon that I found at Walmart ($5 for 25 feet); I did silver for the black tree and gold for the silver tree. To top off the trees I found these lovely rose gold glitter poinsettias with clips for only $2 each.

The 'skirts' are the same on both trees; I put them in quotes because they aren't actually skirts! I just wasn't seeing anything I loved and all of the skirts I were seeing were more money than I wanted to pay, especially considering they weren't really my vibe. So I poked around the fabric section of Walmart, and I found this beautiful black and silver sequinned fabric that I fell in love with. It was $3.97 a yard, which I felt like was an amazing deal since I wouldn't need a lot of it. I bought three yards, and then split it in half when i got home, and draped each half around the bottom of the tree. It worked out beautiful and exactly how I hoped, so I got TWO tree skirts for less than $12! Of course if you are someone that sews you could easily whip something up but sewing isn't one of my skills and I am happy with my draped fabric. 🙂


Since we have two very active toddlers who are both taller than average, I knew that I didn't want to hang stockings from our mantle, especially since our tree/s are in our front living room, rather than our family room where the fireplace is. We had an IKEA Lack shelf that I had found in their as-is section over the spring (if you haven't checked out their as-is section, you need to because there are so many hidden gems; this shelf only had a few little dings on it) for only $5. I bought it honestly because it was so inexpensive and I knew I would find a use for it one day. I can now say I found that day! Originally I had all of the decor and the stockings on the shelf, but then it looked like it was starting to lean a bit, so I bought another shelf (the retail price is only $19.99, so they are still very reasonable) to put the stockings on under it. Once I did that I decided that it looked even better that way.

On the top shelf, I put a ton of little bottle brush trees because I am 100% obsessed with them. All of them are from either Target or Walmart, and were between $.88-$5. They add such an elegant and beautiful touch. The houses that light up are from Target and were $5 each; Target's Bullseye's Playground and Dollar Spot are always great, but this year they are not playing around with the Christmas decor this year! There are SO many beautiful things and the prices are so reasonable. The two larger trees on the end are ones that I inherited from my aunt who raised me. I loved being able to incorporate a little something from my childhood. The small string of lights felt so whimsical! It is from Walmart and is battery powered, which is so convenient. It was only $3!

I was very thrifty with my spending, but the stockings and holders are the one place that I really splurged; even saying that, I am using that term loosely because the stockings were $13 and the holder was a set for $30. Normally I those would have been things I waited to go on sale but I really had my heart set on them and I also know how quickly things can go the closer you get to Thanksgiving. I did three rose gold stockings and two silver; the silver ones will be for the littles and then the rose gold for Sean, Nate, and I. How perfect is the holder set? They are mostly sold in pairs so making sure that we got five of them was proving to be hard as well as looking like it would cost more than $30. When I saw this set online, I knew it was the one. Not only did it fit in with my color palette that I was going for, I love how it spells out peace. Here is a link for the stockings and a link for the holders!

And that is it, y'all! I couldn't be more happy with how everything turned out. It feels festive, chic, and so completely my style. Sean and Nate love it so much as well! Now as you all know with having toddlers and (four) cats, we will see how it goes. As beautiful as everything is, it is also all inexpensive and anything breakable is high enough from both children and cats. We have this room gated off (not that it makes much of a difference to Ezra who can open the gate and lets Micah in) and so far the kids are more interested in just looking at the tree and then getting into the usual things they want to get into. It is a long time until Christmas, so who knows! Regardless, it is all just right. I love beautiful things but I also am realistic about having things that work for my family and our lifestyle even more.

Please let me know what you think in the comments! I hope I have inspired some of you to think outside of the box and do the holidays your way.

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