Hello, March: Life & Blogging Update

Happy Saturday, y’all! I just wanted to hop on and write a little update on what’s been up with me, how things have been going with blogging/influencing, and what I will be doing this month.

My family and I were plagued with feeling ill on and off the last few weeks; either someone had a cold, my husbands allergies were bothering him, I was having some severe lower back problems...you name it, we were going through it! Thankfully things have been on the mend which I am incredibly grateful for.

My youngest baby turned six months old on a February 24th and I can’t believe how fast time is going by! He’s such a sweet little soul and is the perfect caboose to our family.

My middle kiddo is full throttle into toddlerdom and with that comes so many challenges and so many funny and cute moments all at the same time. June will be here before we know it and then he will be two!

My oldest was working through some disappointments that I will keep private because they are his story to share but I feel like we worked through them together and he is in a peaceful, good place. He continues to be the most wonderful oldest son and brother to the littles.

As far as blogging/influencing, things have been going really well. Better than I imagined that they would at this point if I am honest. I am now on RewardStyle (follow me on the LIKETOKNOW.it app) and I have gotten a couple of really rad, legit brand collaborations that I am proud of.

I have been mostly working on building my platform on Instagram (follow me there for daily content!) and I will continue to do that, but I also want focus in March more on this blog as well and do more writing. That has always been my passion.

Be on the lookout for a LOT more content here this month. Also Friday, March 15th I will be putting out a special blog that will commemorate my 75th day of full time blogging/influencing with what I have learned and some tips and tricks I have figured out along the way that I want to share with folks. I have had a LOT of people message me asking me about my journey and let me say this; I am by no means an expert! I am a mom like many other moms who is trying to share my story, my aesthetic, and my voice, and really make something out of my platform so I am able to help folks of all genders, cultures, sizes, and ages feel confident and beautiful and help my own family along the way. I don’t have all the answers but I have learned a lot in a short amount of time and I want to share that with everyone. I’m not trying to keep all the secrets to myself, I want everyone to win!

So stay turned and be on the lookout for that and much more. <3

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