Favorite ASOS Picks + Sale!

One of the best investments I have made recently was purchasing the $19 a year Premier Delivery from ASOS. It is so awesome to be able to make my purchases and get unlimited two-day and standard shipping with no minimum purchase. It pays for itself super quickly and I love getting things so quick! Also, they have the most amazing plus size section that is full of chic and great fitting clothing at affordable prices.

Needless to say I have bought some really amazing stuff recently that I love:

ASOS CURVE Cotton Smock Dress with Elastic Cuff Detail

ASOS DESIGN Curve Oversize Cardigan in Chunky Rib with Buttons

New Look Curve Pleated Satin Midi Skirt in Gray Snake Print

Lost Ink Plus Midi Tea Dress With Frill Sleeve and Tie Waist

ASOS DESIGN Moves Suede Mule Loafers in Green

ASOS DESIGN Adrift Studded Ankle Boots

Today (5/3) through Tuesday (5/7) there is an additional 20% off items at ASOS, including sale things, using code ITSMAY20. In addition to the items above (some of which are sold out now unfortunately), I am going to share some other faves of mine; I feel like I am going to have to at least pick SOME of them up before the sale ends.

So check out the widget below and happy shopping! <3

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