Style Sunday: Six Comfy But Chic Outfits For The Holidays

There are so many holidays coming up (don't forget there are many more cultural and religious holidays aside from Thanksgiving and Christmas!) and I know when I was growing up we always dressed up for both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner no matter how many people were there or what was happening. Once I became an adult and I hosted my own celebrations there were many more years that I elected to spend the day in sweats, especially since I now do the bulk of the cooking! I have found a really happy medium now, though, and I enjoy wearing something that is super comfortable but also shows off my personal style as well. I put together six outfits that can easily work for any of the holidays, could be dressed up or down, and are all very comfortable so you can spend your day eating all the pie without wishing you'd brought your sweats. 🙂

I have tagged as many of the exact items as I could on and what isn't taggable I found items that are just like what I'm wearing for y'all. You'll see those under each outfit!

Look 1:

I would say this is for sure the dressiest of the outfits I put together, but it is still super comfy and wearable! This dress was a clearance find from Target; it is the Knox Rose line. I love Knox Rose because so much of it has the boho vibe that Free People does, but not the Free People prices. I got this dress for $15 but the original price was $30, so that is still pretty reasonable. It is pretty on its own, but I love layering turtlenecks under floaty dresses in the fall. It helps with warmth and it gives the dress a totally different look. This turtleneck is from J.Crew Outlet and it is buttery soft and super thin, so it's always a prime choices for me when it comes to layering. The boots are from Red Dress and are honestly are my new favorite boots. I got them as a birthday present to myself and they are comfortable and such a great play on the white boot trend. They are more beige which I love because while I love white boots on others, the starkness just isn't me. I topped it off with one of my trusty pearl headbands from Amazon and I love the extra something it gave the look.

look 2:

I love this outfit because it truly felt like I was wearing pajamas, but it sure didn't look like it! This turtleneck is from Target and is their A New Day brand. I love it because it is super long and very soft, plus it isn't super thick which makes it awesome for layering. This maroon color is so pretty and it is only $12. The pants are a pair that I bought from Amazon over the spring and they have been a favorite since. They are made out of jersey style material but they are a bit weighty in a good way which makes your body feel so supported yet they are incredibly comfortable. The waistband is thick and they are very high-rise, with plenty of room for all the food! I matched it all up with my favorite Target backless loafers (they are amazing Gucci dupes) and I could totally see this being the kind out outfit that I could both cook and host in comfortably. To add a little something I added a long rose gold beaded necklace (an old find from H&M) that I doubled up to make it two strands. I love the rose with the color of the turtleneck!

look 3:

I love this outfit so much because it is so casual and comfortable but it still is super cute and looks great in photos! I took one of my favorite graphic tees (this one is from Target and I love the bright colors) and put it with my most comfy mom jeans from ASOS. I love graphic tees that show off things that I love, like bands I listen to. It is really fun because my oldest now has discovered Nirvana and we have been able to share that together. If you haven't tried out a pair of mom jeans, I implore you to do it! I was really unsure how I would feel about them and I love them so much. The comfort level is amazing and I love the high waist. I added a pink headband and a pink cardigan (this one is last season from Target) to tie in some of the pink in the tee, and then of course my staple Adidas sneakers. If you are someone who is into popping into the stores that are open on Thanksgiving Day this would be a really easy outfit to shop in!

Look 4:

There is no way that I could do a holiday look without incorporating a pair of leggings! I love leggings on holidays because they truly can be so versatile and we all know they are just so comfortable! These are Ava & Viv brand from Target and they are my favorites. They have just enough stretch and aren't see-through at all. I put them together with this black and white patterned button down from Nasty Gal and one of my favorite tunic sweaters from Old Navy. I really like how you can see the shirt through the sweater, and I think it gives it a neat look. I love putting a neutral like the sweater with black and white. I did some basic black flats (these are my favorite $15 babies from Walmart; so comfortable and affordable) and another one of my Amazon headbands (this time the black one) to dress it up a little. The loose nature of the sweater makes this cozy but adding a button down to it gives it a bit of structure. This could be easily dressed up with some heeled boots and an amazing coat.

look 5:

If you know me well, there should be two things that aren't surprising about this next choice; you'll know I had to include an (almost!) all black look and I had to include a look with a hat! For me, black is NEVER a bad choice. I do my best to branch out with different colors but y'all know a black silhouette is always going to be my staple. Plus you can pretty much wear anything in all black and look chic and put together. A soft black turtleneck sweater and a pair of skinny jeans are things that are in basically everyone's closet; these are two pieces that I have had forever but they always stand the test of time. To add a little something to the dark palette I put the Red Dress boots with it, and I absolutely love the vibe they gave it. I added a black hat (this one is from Target) and a fun chunky necklace; this is one that I got on deep clearance at Mod Cloth, and they always have a ton of beautiful and reasonably priced statement necklaces, even when they are not on sale. For leaving the house a moto jacket would be perfect...and yet again, very on brand for my style. 😉

look 6:

I love this because it shows off my shape and has a really subtle sex appeal, but it's still super comfortable and something that even the most conservative grandmother wouldn't be able to snark! I absolutely love this dress; it is from Forever 21, and I have gotten so much mileage out of it for all seasons because it is a great layering piece. I love how it looks with a black and white polka dot button down under it and I think any black and white patterned shirt would be really cute with this. I put some combat boots (these are from Nasty Gal) with it which I think gives the look a bit of edge and gives off super cool girl vibes. Tip: I always wear some bike shorts under my skirts. Now I do this because it is more comfortable with walking and so my thighs don't chafe, not because I'm trying to suck in my stomach. My stomach is going to do what it is going to do, BUT I'm not about my thighs irritating me. You can find all sorts of those at all different stores but I usually like the ones at H&M the best and they have both straight sizes and plus.

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