Style Sunday: Inaugural Post!

I have been wanting to do a dedicated fashion feature on the blog for a while now. I came up with doing Style Sunday, where I have a weekly post dedicated to different style and fashion tips.

This week I am going to do something different than I have ever done before and talk about masculine fashion. A couple of weeks ago I styled my thirteen year old son Nate to take some photos of him, and he was really pleased with the outfit that I put together for him. I was equally pleased and happy with what an awesome model he was! He actually takes the majority of my photos for the blog and Instagram (he is wonderfully artistic and creative) and his great eye for photography translated into being a natural when he is having his photo taken. We have tentatively talked about him doing some modeling and as you can see he has the look for it!


First of all, we need to have a moment for how beautiful my baby is!

Now lets get into the bottom half of the outfit; the jeans and the sneakers. These are a pair of skinny black jeans from H&M. H&M sizing is perfect for Nate because he is tall for his age and slim, so the way their clothing is cut is really great for him as he is transitioning to adult sized clothing. Slim cut jeans and pants are great because they can make a masculine style look more polished and put together. These are the skinniest style, but even if you aren't ready for full on skinnies, a slim cut is so flattering. Even if you don't think you have the 'body type' for slim cut jeans, trust me and give it a go!

If you follow me on Insta, those sneakers might look familiar; they are actually my Adidas! Yes, my oldest and I can share shoes, and yes, it is totally trippy. He tends to gravitate towards black sneakers and I wanted to break up the look a bit. I think sneakers are a really sharp addition to any masculine wardrobe; they can be dressed up or dressed down and just add such a cool vibe. I am admittedly a bit of a sneaker head, but in my opinion you can't go wrong with a classic pair of Adidas. I love how versatile the gray is as well.


This shoot was one of the first cooler days here in Charlotte, so I went with an easy layered look. Light layers are awesome when the weather is starting to cool down because depending on what the weather is doing outside or what the temperature is inside, you can always take off a layer if it gets a little warmer.

A basic button down was made more chic when in this rich deep berry color and the polka dots are small enough to not be super loud, but add a little bit of fun to the look. The shirt is another great H&M find. Prints can be an awesome way to have fun and show some personal style.

Nate loves hoodies, so I wanted to incorporate that into the look to give him something that he already feels comfortable with and isn't too outside of his wheelhouse. If you are looking to try something a little different that isn't in your comfort zone, try mixing it with something you already ARE comfortable with. That will help ease you into it!

This suit jacket was the real surprise winner of the look; this is actually my husbands jacket that he wore when we got married. When we were putting together the look, I randomly decided to see how the jacket would look on Nate and if it would fit (five years later it is much too small for my husband; he has gained about 30 much needed pounds in the last couple of years). Not only did it fit, but Nate completely fell in love with it! I am a huge fan of mixing it up in my own wardrobe with casual pieces and dressier pieces, and the same thing can be done with masculine fashion. Suit jackets aren't just for corporate jobs and weddings, y'all! Dressing it down with more casual pieces is incredibly stylish with minimal effort.


To finish off the look, we added a hat for a cool element. Nate has the hat bug like I do and he adores a great hat. Especially with cooler weather coming, the right hat can be the perfect finale to a look. Even if you aren't into a wider brimmed hat such as this, even a cap or a beanie is still a great look!

I hope you all have enjoyed this post and it has given you some inspiration for masculine fashion! I already have another shoot in the works featuring my husband so stay tuned for that and for more from me every Sunday for all things style!

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