Style Sunday: Re-purposing Business Casual Clothing

Before I was a SAHM and working on blogging, I worked for over ten years at a large non-profit in the programming department. The dress code was pretty chill but we still needed to dress business casual. Once I left my job in February 2018, I was left with a lot of clothes that I wasn’t sure what to do with because I assumed they didn’t fit my lifestyle anymore.

Y’all, I was so wrong! Incorporating pieces like that into my admittedly more chill and casual lifestyle has been so much fun. That is one reason I was so excited when Betabrand reached out to me about sending me a pair of their iconic dress pant yoga pants. I had heard of them back when I was working outside my home and I had always wanted a pair. Once I knew we were going to collaborate I immediately thought of this idea for a blog, to show everyone what looks you can do with clothing that seems more suited for an office environment.

All three of my looks are different ways of me styling the Betabrand pants I was gifted. They are the straight leg style and a size 1X. No matter what your work life is, you will not be disappointed if you get these pants! They truly are so comfortable and the construction is top notch. For sure check out their site, they have 50+ colors and styles and more than 30 of those have pockets!

Look 1:


This first outfit is one that I can tell I will love for fall because I am all about some layers! I paired the pants with a basic gray hoodie and a black suit jacket that I actually picked up for only $4.99 recently at Goodwill. I rolled up the pants to make the vibe even more casual and added my favorite Adidas to complete the look. I love how this is a little bit of a variant of athleisure since there is a hoodie but it is a little bit more polished and put together. This is the kind of outfit that you could throw on to take your kids to school or to wear to Sunday brunch when you're trying to have some casual street style vibes. Also can I just say I'm really stoked that headbands have come back around again? I was such a headband and hat girl as a kid and I love being able to revisit that. This velvet and pearl headband adds a little bit of subtle glam without being over the top.

Look 2:


A graphic tee is always a good idea in my book! I grew up loving music and always wearing so many shirts for musicians that I admired (fun fact; in college I worked at Hot Topic pretty much for the discount), so being able to find so many great tees right now is such a bonus. I am a huge Selena fan and I love the bright colors on it, especially against the black of the shirt. Rather than do a tuck I knotted the shirt on the side, which is a favorite of mine. A basic moto jacket is a MUST in my opinion and I feel like no matter what you are wearing, when you put one on it automatically amps up the cool factor. This one is from Forever 21 a few years ago, but they along with ASOS, H&M, and even Target have ones at great prices (usually under $50). I unrolled the pants for a casual slouchy vibe and added a beanie and rose gold slip on sneakers to top the look off. This would be perfect for chasing your littles around the park!

Look 3:


This was the look I felt the most unsure of but it turned out to be the one that I loved the most! Sean was taking my photos for me today and when I got out of the car (one of these days maybe I'll blog about tips for how to change in a car where you don't flash anyone when you need multiple outfits for shoots...) the look on his face told me that it worked out well. I took a basic chambray shirt from Old Navy (they have the best ones and are wearable for those of us with a larger chest), and topped it with a vest that I thrifted over the summer in anticipation of wearing it this fall. I love how these tall boots (another thrifting gem; they were $5 at Goodwill over the summer!) look with the looser pants. You don't always need skinny pants or jeans to wear with tall boots! If you fold them over and tuck them in, it is just a neat and different look. I of course had to add one of my favorite hats from Target to complete the look. I know this for sure is going to be a fall date night staple.

Hopefully this blog gave you all some inspiration for your business casual pieces, no matter if you are still in the public work force or not. Let me know in the comments what you think and thank you again to Betabrand for sending me the pants!

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