Style Sunday: Top Five Purchases of 2019

Hey there, loves! I am sure some of y'all noticed that I took a little break from Style Sunday; the holidays were pretty busy and we also got hit really hard with illness the last couple of weeks in December. It's January, though, and it's time to start fresh!

I wanted to start off with a post on the top five things that I purchased style-wise in 2019. I got a lot of awesome things, but these are the items that I know are going to be instant classics for me.

1. City Girl Light Taupe Ankle Boots

I bought these boots from Red Dress as a birthday present to myself in November and I have worn them almost every day since! Even thought I bought them towards the end of 2019, they became instant favorites. They easily dress up or dress down an outfit, and I like the taupe color personally better than stark white. Thankfully they are incredibly comfortable as well! I won't even lie; they were out of my usual size (9) but I wanted them so much that I sized up to a 10 and crossed my fingers. Thankfully it worked out and I love the fit. They are so popular that they are on backorder until 1/30, but they are 100% worth it.

2. Three Pack Wide Velvet Headbands

I was super unsure about how I felt about the headband trend. I was the QUEEN of headbands when I was a kid; I always had either a hat or a headband on. I wasn't sure exactly how I felt about it as an adult, though. These three pack of headbands were only $15 from Amazon, so I figured that if I didn't like them at least it wasn't a huge investment and I could always give them as gift. Friends, if you follow me on Instagram then you know just how much I wear these! They are super versatile and add such a spark to a look. Even with the pearls, they look great paired with just a sweater and jeans. I find that they make such a statement that I often don't need many other accessories. If you are on the fence about trying them, I can't recommend this set enough. They are soft, made well, and I haven't lost a pearl yet.

3. Tropical High Waist Bikini

I have had a lot of luck with purchasing items at SHEIN (which honestly might be a whole blog within itself at some point with tips on how to shop there as a size 16-18) but I'd never done swimwear there. I'd seen much thinner people have luck but I was a little leery because the sizing can be really tricky when you are plus. I truly loved this suit and it is only $17 (!!!) so much like the headbands I didn't figure I had much to lose. It is honestly the most flattering suit that I own! The bottoms especially are perfectly high waisted and don't cut weirdly into the top of my legs, which is an issue I have sometimes with bikini bottoms because the tops of my thighs are THICK, y'all (and I celebrate that fact, no shame here). The top fits well and is a tiny bit on the small size, but I also take into consideration that I am nursing and my breasts are larger than usual (I'm a 40DDD right now). Because of the cute off the shoulder action and blouse-type top, the tiny bit of snugness isn't even noticeable. It was comfortable and secure enough for me to wear on a day trip chasing the kids at Great Wolf Lodge! I am super excited to wear it again this upcoming summer.

4. Solid Paperbag Waist Shorts

It is fitting that my next item is another SHEIN find! I had been wanting a pair of high waisted black shorts like this for a long time, but I just wasn't seeing anything that I really loved. I decided to take a chance on these and they truly were the staple shorts of my summer and I know they will be again for the summer of 2020. They are SO incredibly comfortable and surprisingly well made for only $12. I sized up to a 3X (once again, SHEIN sizing can be a little odd) and I am so glad I did. They are adorable with bodysuits and tees, loose cropped sweaters, and even cute brought into the cooler weather with tights and boots.

5. Black & White Star Sweater

I'd been seeing sweaters with star prints like this forever now, but I didn't end up getting on until early in the fall. This was a $27 Amazon find and I absolutely love it. The sleeves have a slight lantern effect that I love, and it has a little bit of weight to it; it isn't a flimsy sweater at all, which made it perfect for fall. I love to pattern mix with it and pair it with polka dots or stripes!

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