How Grief and Anger Co-Exist

Tomorrow is August 17th. Eight years ago tomorrow, my aunt who raised me in the place of my parents (my father has never been in my life and my mother, her sister, died when I was nine; they are another story for another time) died. She was 67. I wasRead more >

An Ode On Father’s Day

I was a single mother for over three years when I met Sean. In the time since my divorce I had dated, and even one or two of those relationships had been serious, but above any relationship I would have with someone was the relationship that I had with myRead more >

Don’t Touch My Hair

My husband Sean & I, June 2020 If I had to say one feature of both Sean’s and mine that gets commented on the most, it would be our hair. He generally has his worn in a ‘fro of various lengths and while I wear my natural hair straight (franklyRead more >

So Now What: Where Do I Go From Here?

The last week has fundamentally changed me in ways that I am just coming to terms with and that I know I am still going to be unpacking and trying to understand for a long time to come. If you know me in my personal life, I am someone whoRead more >