Don’t Touch My Hair

My husband Sean & I, June 2020 If I had to say one feature of both Sean’s and mine that gets commented on the most, it would be our hair. He generally has his worn in a ‘fro of various lengths and while I wear my natural hair straight (franklyRead more >

So Now What: Where Do I Go From Here?

The last week has fundamentally changed me in ways that I am just coming to terms with and that I know I am still going to be unpacking and trying to understand for a long time to come. If you know me in my personal life, I am someone whoRead more >

What It Means to be a Black Mama

It is the day before my middle child Ezra’s birthday. He will be three years old. I spent part of my evening sobbing in a Target parking lot while I ran out to get batteries. I wasn’t crying because my child is growing up and I want to keep himRead more >